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Resurs centar Bor otvara Poziv za 4 učesnika iz Srbije, za učestvovanje na Internacionalnoj omladinskoj razmeni “Stop Thinking about Differences and Smile”.

Title: “Stop Thinking about Differences and Smile”
When? 16th to the 21st of September excluding travel dates
Where? Olhão, Portugal
Working language: English

What will happen?

"Stop thinking about Differences and Smile" is an international youth exchange which perceives as a main objective the creation of a space where young people from different European countries can share their knowledge (assumptions, facts, stereotypes), opinions and experiences about Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD's) and the discrimination exerted by the society towards people infected with STD's. This youth exchange intends to promote both Health and Civic Education.

Although, one should expect that in the XXI century, discrimination towards people infected with sexual transmitted diseases (STD's), would be an issue of the past, it is still a major concern in Europe. In Portugal, the prevalence of HIV is of 0,6% to 0,7%, and its mortality rate of 22% - 23%, while the hepatitis B virus represents the 9th cause for death for Portuguese adults. The young people infected with chronic diseases face discrimination at many levels in Portugal, such as medical, employment related and social.

Even though the governmental and non-governmental organizations work hard to prevent the transmission of STD's, and promote and make accessible all information necessary, there is still a need to inform the general population, in order to promote awareness, comprehension, tolerance, anti-discrimination and social inclusion.

Adopting an active and healthy lifestyle are the best way to prevent the occurrence of such diseases, but creating an environment of tolerance and understanding can also improve the cohesion of the society, promoting a sense of community.

The host organization for this YE will be MoJu – Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhãio. This event will be held in Olhão, a very traditional city in the south of Portugal.

Who? YOU! If you:
• are 18 – 30 years old, speak English and are willing to be an active participant
• are a volunteer, youth worker or youth leader
• have a minimal experience within the Youth in Action program

Accommodation, food and 70% of travel costs are covered by program.
Participants should pay 30% of travel costs and 20e participation

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Rok za slanje prijava je 1. avgust 2013.godine
Odabrani učesnici će biti obavešteni do 3. avgusta. 2013. godine

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